Kitten Tale

Hello WebKit

Kitten is for WebKitten. This place is for some randm folklore that I heared, saw or made at the WebKit land. Some will be technical, others won’t.

Here is how this comes here: I am a big fun of Evan Martin and his writings, especially his Chromium Notes. But he leaves the project and stopped writing it. This is sad for me. At the same time, an idea comes to my mind - Can I do something similar? The idea comes with two bad news though. Bad news part one is that I’m not familiar with Chromium. But fortunately, I know a few about WebKit that I can talk about. Bad news part two is that my writing is far behind Evan’s. Well, that is that. I can at least type some words in almost gramatically correct way. Let me just hope it somehow work.


This note is never compehensive nor authorative, This is just a personal note written by a noteless contributor. The author is relatively new to the project: I’ve been working on WebKit since the beginning of 2010. It’s shorter than a quater of the project history. There are many authorative and informative sources over the Web, which are written by more experienced people.

As always, the opinions expressed here are my own, and no other party (including my employeer) necessarily agrees with them.